幼児クラス [4歳+]/ 親御さん同行/ 40分



INFANTS / 幼児 +parents / 40 分

These lessons are for parents and kids to enjoy a learning experience and fun.


It will develop parents to show children to not fear English from a young age and also a chance to enjoy these activities together.

キッズ/ 小学生/ 50 分





KIDS / 小学生 / 50 分

Here your kids are getting more independent and learning about the world.


Let's open kids minds from this age with a fun learning experience through games, activities and group work all in English.

ティーンズ/中学生・高校生 / 50 分






TEENS/ 中学生・高校生 / 50 分

Teens classes are at a more formal education level.

We will be focusing more on structured learning with a focus of language in each and every lesson.


All lessons will be enjoyable and customized to match the young generations.


PRIVATE / プライベート/ 50 分





PRIVATE / プライベート/ 50 分

Private lessons are perfect for learners who want more care or customization.


You can have maximum speaking time and lot's of specific practice if you need. 

No need to be shy in a private lesson!

ワンコイン英会話/ ワンコイン / 50 分









1 COIN / ワンコイン / 50 分

1 coin lessons are unique.

No textbook, just a topic of talking and let's enjoy English!


This is a great chance to meet other people and also just to see what fun English can be. 


*Maximum: 6 people for this class.


Price 価格